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Dr Bruno Radesic​


Fertility Specialist - Gynaecologist - Pelvic floor surgeon

Male Fertility​

Dr Radesic is one of very few fertility specialists in South Australia who treat male infertility, including fertility treatment to couples when male had Vasectomy.

He offers highly specialised treatments for men experiencing fertility problems including:

  • Fine needle Epidydimal Aspiration (avoiding testicular entry) PESA
  • Fine Needle Testicular Biopsy (TESA)
  • Open Testicular Biopsy
  • Open Microscopic Testicular Biopsy (MicroTESE)
  • Multiple Puncture Testicular Biopsy

Male fertility issues often receive less attention in addressing couples fertility, however they are equally important.

Please feel free to arrange a consultation with Dr Radesic should you wish to discuss any male fertility issues in more detail.